Catalyst & Purification


  SYNGAS Reforming

           Nickel-based for primary steam reforming units in hydrogen, ammonia, syngas and methanol plants

           Potash promoted, nickel-based catalyst

           Nickel-based, ultra-low pressure drop catalyst for primary steam reforming

           High Temperature Shift and Low Temperature Shift

           Nickel-based Methanation catalyst

           Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems

                          - Complete line of PSA adsorbents

                          - Technical support for unit evaluations, operations and recharging

                          - Supply and Design of PSA Equipment and Systems


  Syngas Hydro-processing

           High surface area CoMo & NiMo for hydrodesulfurization

           Specially formulated promoted ZnO for H2S and trace organic sulfides


  Specialty Catalyst

           Bender Processing Catalyst

           Selective Hydrogenation Catalyst


           Sulfuric Acid Production

           Custom Catalyst manufacturing



           Sulfur Removal: H2S, COS, RSSH, CS2, DMS and total sulfur removal

           Chloride removal – Organic and inorganic

           Arsine and Phosphine removal

           Mercury removal

           O2, CO and CO2 removal


  Bed Grading & Topping materials

           AFS Series Hydrotreater topping materials

           NiMo based catalyst to protect main hydrotreating catalyst from Si poisoning

           Inert and promoted rings

           High purity (alpha) alumina support balls


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