Process Chemicals


Acid Gas Scavengers – This includes many varieties of liquid

     scavengers as well as fixed bed products for

     adsorbing H2S, COS, light mercaptans and CO2.


Glycol Sales & Reclamation – We can provide virgin or

     reclaimed glycols and we can take back your spent fluids

     reducing or eliminating your disposal cost.


Engine Coolants & Antifreeze – We can provide standard

     antifreeze (EG or PG) as well as branded inhibited coolants for industrial engines made to OEM specifications.

     We can assist your operation on flush and refills by supplying cleaners, flushing fluids and proper flushing/

     filling techniques. We can also take back your spent engine coolants through our recycle program.


Heat Transfer Fluids – We can provide several options of hydrocarbon and synthetic based high temp

     fluids up to 750°F. As part of our sales and service, we can provide testing and analysis on your high temp


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